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What is POPIA?

The Protection of Personal Information Act, 2012 is legislation that regulates how personal information is handled. In part, it aims to reduce the endless spam that fills up your inbox on a daily basis & the unsolicited telephone calls that are so incredibly annoying.

POPIA is now in full force and effect. Compliance with this Legislation is mandatory and there are substantial risks associated with non-compliance. These risks are not only penalties under POPIA, but they extend to third party claims and even labour related issues.

Does my Business need to Comply?

Yes – compliance is mandatory.

What does Compliance Require?

POPIA compliance can be a complex and costly process. At its most basic level, compliance requires a full evaluation of all of the areas of your business that receive, store and/or process Personal Information. Once that is done, you need to take steps to close the gaps and to implement the necessary paperwork to manage compliance.

How does Contractzone’s product assist?

Contractzone has developed an online solution that evaluates your current circumstances, prepares an impact assessment that highlights steps that are necessary in order to get compliant. In addition, our system generates a range of compliance documents to ensure that you are able to implement a compliance strategy quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Are Payments Secure?

Payments are made through the secure PayFast payment gateway. 

Documents included in the POPIA Library

  • CCTV Surveillance Policy
  • Consolidated Pack of Compliance Documents for Estates and HOAset
  • Consolidated Pack of Compliance Documents for the Hospitality Sector
  • Consolidated Pack of Compliance Documents in terms POPIA
  • Cookie Policy for a Website
  • Letter Appointing an Information Officer
  • Manual in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act
  • Model Consent Clause for Personal Information
  • Objection to Unsolicited Marketing Calls & Spam
  • POPI Compliant Credit Application Form & Terms and Conditions
  • POPIA Bring Your Own Device Agreement
  • POPIA Customer Consent Agreement
  • POPIA Director Consent
  • POPIA Employee Consent Form
  • POPIA Impact Assessment
  • POPIA Internal Awareness and Training Session Pack
  • POPIA Operator Contract
  • POPIA Supplier Consent Form
  • Promotion of Access to Information Act Manual
  • Request for Correction or Deletion of Personal Information

Consolidated Pack of Documents in terms of POPIA

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R 4350
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  • Personal Information Impact Assessment
  • Manual in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act
  • Compliance Framework & Manual in terms of POPIA
  • Employee Consent Form
  • Customer Consent Form
  • Supplier Consent Form
  • Privacy Policy
  • Written Appointment of Information Officer
  • Internal Awareness Training Guide

Unlimited Access to the Full POPIA Library for 12 Months

Compliance starts here
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  • Full Access to the POPIA Library of over 20 Legal Contracts, Documents, Manuals and Training Materials
  • All of the Contracts and Documents that are Required for Full Compliance
  • Multiple Business Uses
  • POPIA compliance is now mandatory for all businesses operating in South Africa. Our unlimited package gives you a broad range of legal contracts, annexures, consent forms and other POPIA related documents, with unlimited access for 12 months.

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If you only need specified documents, all of the documents in the library are available for individual purchases.