10 Steps to POPIA Compliance

Each of the critical POPIA compliance documents listed below is available on www.contractzone.co.za. If you purchase the POPIA package you have unlimited access to these (and other) documents for a year. Alternatively, you can purchase the Consolidated POPIA Compliance Pack, which takes you through a question and answer process and then generates a single pack (in word and pdf) that has each of the documents referred to below included). Lastly, if you prefer, you can just purchase these documents on an individual basis.


The first step toward POPIA compliance is the appointment of an Information Officer. We have a formal appointment letter that is available on contractzone.co.za. In addition to an internal appointment, the Information Officer’s Appointment must be registered with the SA Information Regulator.


This document is a complete review of the operations of the Company in order to understand inter alia what Personal Information is collected, how it is stored, secured and/or destroyed. The Impact Assessment provides you with recommended remedial steps to help you with the operational aspects of compliance.

Prepare (or update) a manual in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000.

This document is the engine of your POPIA Compliance. It flows from the Personal Information Impact Assessment referred to above and should outline the measures that you take to protect Personal Information.

Each employee of the Company that has access to, or processes Personal Information should sign an undertaking to comply with POPIA. Given that the Company also processes their Personal Information, this form includes their express consent to the Company doing so.

In the course of managing a customer relationships, your customers will provide Personal Information related to the customer, its directors and shareholders. You may also do a credit bureaux search. You need customer consent in place to do so.

Many businesses outsource various processes that deal with Personal Information. A good example would be HR related functions. If your suppliers gain access to company Personal Information then it must be done in terms of a written agreement in terms whereof the supplier undertakings to process Personal Information in a responsible and compliant way.

Your website must contain a privacy policy that spells out important information regarding your collection of information.

The Information Officer is obliged to conduct Internal Information Awareness Sessions. To meaningfully provide information training sessions without engaging with consultants, we have training materials available to you.

Cost Effective Compliance is Within Reach
Our POPIA Solutions are not only cost effective, but they are practical and can be implemented without the need for expensive consultants. POPIA is already in effect and compliance is mandatory for all businesses.

Documents included in the POPIA Library

  • CCTV Surveillance Policy
  • Consolidated Pack of Compliance Documents for Estates and HOAset
  • Consolidated Pack of Compliance Documents for the Hospitality Sector
  • Consolidated Pack of Compliance Documents in terms POPIA
  • Cookie Policy for a Website
  • Letter Appointing an Information Officer
  • Manual in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act
  • Model Consent Clause for Personal Information
  • Objection to Unsolicited Marketing Calls & Spam
  • POPI Compliant Credit Application Form & Terms and Conditions
  • POPIA Bring Your Own Device Agreement
  • POPIA Customer Consent Agreement
  • POPIA Director Consent
  • POPIA Employee Consent Form
  • POPIA Impact Assessment
  • POPIA Internal Awareness and Training Session Pack
  • POPIA Operator Contract
  • POPIA Supplier Consent Form
  • Promotion of Access to Information Act Manual
  • Request for Correction or Deletion of Personal Information
POPIA Documents

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POPIA Documents

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