The below terms and conditions apply to the use of Contract Zone by users accessing the products, services, software, platform and websites (collectively, “Services”) provided by Lexie Legal Services Pty Ltd (LLS). By making use of these services you agree to be bound by these Terms as well as our Privacy Policy. Users making use of these services on behalf of any other person / entity, or as an employee or agent of a person / organization, agrees to these terms and conditions on behalf of that organization / person.

LLS reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions from time to time, without prior notice to users. All changes to the terms and conditions will be published on www.contractzone.co.za.

Contract Zone Services

Contract Zone provides users with a platform enabling them to create certain documents, contracts and agreements. The information provided by Contract Zone and the facilities provided, does not in any way amount to legal advice. Although qualified attorneys are responsible for the content on the platform, they are not available to review information provided by the user and as such are not in a position to evaluate the accuracy or provide opinions to the facts and the user’s legal standing.
If specific legal advice is required a user should consult with a qualified practicing attorney. The information provided on the Contract Zone system is in no way provided as a replacement for legal advice.
By making use of the system the user does not enter into an attorney-client relationship with Contact Zone, it’s employees or shareholders.

Registration & Subscription
The person who captures the requisite fields for purposes of registering as a user and who clicks on the “Register” tab, warrants that:

  1. he/she is duly and properly authorised to represent the user and bind the user to these terms and conditions;
  2.  in the event of a user purchasing a document or subscribing for a subscription package, he/she is duly authorised to enter the banking / credit card details and authorise the payment in respect of the charges payable by the user.

LLS reserves the right at all times to refuse to accept any person or party as a registered user, in its sole discretion.

In the event of a user purchasing a document or subscribing for a subscription package, the user agrees to these terms and conditions, which shall govern any and all transactions between LLS and the user.

Subscription Term

In the event of a user purchasing the ‘UNLIMITED ACCESS’ monthly subscription package, the user’s licence commences on the Activation Date and shall continue thereafter on a monthly basis for the Initial Term (being 12 months), whereafter it shall be automatically renewed unless either Party affords the other written notice of termination the subscription, which notice must be received at least 1 (one) month before the end of the Initial Term, or any renewal thereof.
Upon termination of the user’s subscription, for whatever reason, the user shall no longer be able to access the system and/or utilise the Contract Zone Services. In such event it shall be the responsibility of the user to ensure that all files and documents stored on Contract Zone are copied onto a computer system, or another electronic storage platform or facility.

In the event of a user purchasing the ‘ONCE OFF PAYMENT UNLIMITED ACCESS (12 MONTHS)’ subscription package, the user’s licence commences on the activation date and shall continue thereafter for a period of 12 months, whereafter the user’s access will automatically lapse.


The user acknowledges that it has acquainted itself with, understands and accepts the charges.

The ‘UNLIMITED ACCESS’ monthly subscription charges shall remain unchanged for the Initial Term, but shall thereafter be according to the LLS’s then prevailing rates from time to time in respect of any renewal or extension of the Initial Term.

LLS shall be entitled to forthwith suspend the user from access to a respective subscription package in the event that the user fails to pay any charges punctually and in full, or should any debit order for such charges not be honoured, or should the user commit any breach of these terms and conditions, and the user shall have no claims of whatsoever nature against LLS due to such disconnection/cessation and the user hereby indemnifies and holds LLS harmless against any and all claims of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising consequent thereupon.

The user shall not, under any circumstances whatsoever, be entitled to withhold, defer, offset against or make any deduction from any payment due to LLS in terms of these terms and conditions.

Unless otherwise specifically stated, all charges payable by a user are inclusive of value-added tax insofar as it is applicable and will be billed in South African Rands (ZAR).

In the event of credit card transactions, the credit card details for the ‘UNLIMITED ACCESS’ monthly subscription may be stored on our secure servers for the purposes of charging the monthly subscription fees. Upon cessation of a user’s subscription, all details will be deleted and no longer stored.

It is recorded for the sake of clarity that documents listed as ‘Free’ or with a price of R0.00 do not require payment from a user.

Limitation of liability

LLS is not liable for any loss or damage the user might suffer in the course of utilizing the platform. This includes errors from omissions in our documents or any other information obtained from the platform. The use of the platform is at the sole risk of the user, whether being used in the user’s personal capacity or on behalf of another person or entity.

LLS does not warrant that the documents will be free of errors and that such errors will be corrected. LLS endeavours to maintain a platform that is free of viruses and “bugs”, however is unable to provide a guarantee in this regard. It is the user’s sole responsibility and not the responsibility of LLS to bear any costs of servicing, repairs, or correction to their own computer system and software.

Data Charges

Each user is provided with a reserved amount of data. The system measures the utilisation of data through the amount of data consumed on uploading, downloading and storing files in the database.

Data utilisation in excess of the amount allocated to the user shall attract data charges at the LLS’s prevailing rates applicable to data usage.


LLS shall not under any circumstances be liable for any loss or damage suffered by any user due to downtime as a result of power outages, failure of network service providers, technical faults, events of force majeure, site maintenance, or any other event of whatsoever nature.

In the event that the Services are interrupted and/or Contract Zone is offline or experiences downtime due to any issue as referred to above, then in such event LLS undertakes to take all reasonably necessary steps so as to promptly resolve any such issues and restore the Contract Zone site functionality as soon as possible.


The user shall not, under any circumstances whatsoever, be entitled to on-sell any document, contract and/or agreement, or variation thereof, which has been generated through the Services, unless the respective user has a valid, written agreement to that effect with LLS.

Refund Policy

In the event of any user wishing to obtain a refund for any service or action carried out on the Contract Zone platform, or by Contract Zone employees and partners, LLS will consider such refund once the reasons have been sent in an email to admin@contractzone.co.za.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of a user wishing to cancel the ‘UNLIMITED ACCESS’ monthly subscription, within Initial Term, notice of such cancellation must be sent to admin@contractzone.co.za. The user will be liable for a cancellation penalty equal to 3 months’ subscription fees or the balance of the user’s subscription, whichever is the lower amount. The cancellation penalty or balance of the 12 month subscription, as the case may be, will become immediately due and payable and upon settlement of the outstanding amount the cancellation will come into effect.

Should a user wish to cancel a subscription after the Initial Term, then notice of such cancellation must be sent to admin@contractzone.co.za. Cancellation will become effective within one calendar month of receiving such written notice.

General Terms

These terms and conditions reflect the whole agreement between the parties. No other terms, conditions, stipulations, undertakings, representations or warranties shall be of any force or effect other than expressly included herein.

No variation of, addition to, mutual cancellation or amendment of these terms and conditions and no waiver by either party of any of its rights hereunder shall be of any force or effect unless recorded in writing and signed by LLS and the user or their duly authorized agents on their behalves.

No extension of time or other indulgence granted by LLS to the user in respect of enforcing the user’s obligations hereunder will in any way be seen to be a waiver by LLS of its rights or otherwise affect LLS’s rights in terms of these terms and conditions.