Partnership Agreements


There are important differences between a Partnership Agreement and a Shareholders Agreement

The first and most important difference is that the partiers in a Partnership are all personally liable for the debts of the Partnership. This is the main reason why people often choose to rather start a new company. However, you are free to do so at a later stage.

On the upside, a Partnership doesn't require a formal registration process. Once the partners have signed the Partnership Agreement, the partnership has been formed. It is immediate.

How to Create an Partnership Agreement Online Now

  • Start preparing your Partnership Agreement by clicking the button for how many Partners you have.
  • Then go through a short registration process.
  • Thereafter you complete a series of interactive questions regarding your business and your specific requirements for the Partnership Agreement.
  • Once you have completed the process, you will be taken to the secure payment gateway to process payment for the Partnership Agreement.
  • The Partnership Agreement is provided to you in word and pdf format. We are also available to assist you in completing the process.
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