Joint Venture, Partnership & Teaming Agreements

Joint Venture Agreement
An Unincorporated Joint Venture Agreement is similar to a partnership. There is no company formed to hold the business of the Joint Venture. The Joint Venture Agreement can be completed in minutes. The benefit of an Unincorporated Joint Venture Agreement is that there is no company administration. On the other hand, an Unincorporated Joint Venture doesn't protect the partners in the Joint Venture against claims.
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An Incorporated Joint Venture is one that operates through a special purpose company created solely to manage the business of the Joint Venture. The Incorporated Joint Venture has the advantage of being a separate legal entity, with all of the accounting happening within that Company.
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Generate a Partnership Agreement in under 10 minutes. The contract is a comprehensive agreement for partners in a partnership.
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We understand that Joint Venture Agreements and Partnership Agreement often require something quite specific. If you have any specific requirements, we are here to assist you. Our legal team is available to assist you and provided that your changes do not require substantial drafting, we will assist you in the process at no additional cost. Talk to us about your requirements, either through the online chat service on our site, or by phone on 011 783 8017 or email us at
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