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Generating a Summons Online?

As businesses the world over move into a more digitized space, it begs the question of why the legal profession has, to some extent, been left behind.

The reason for this is twofold, the first issue is that the legal profession is one of the oldest professions in the world and is thus steeped in tradition and those within the fraternity have had their processes deeply ingrained into them during the former years of their careers.

The second leg of the issue is that, to date, there has been no general uptake or acceptance by the legal profession of the various technologies available to them. These technologies range for AI-assisted vetting of contracts to the generation of summonses through the use of technology – something which has the ability to improve efficiencies, lower cost and increase effectiveness.

How it works?

We have adapted the technology that we use on the Contract Zone portal in respect of contracts and other legal documents to the litigation side of things. With our technology we are able to upload letter of demand and/or summons templates onto the system which the user can then generate in a matter of minutes by simply inputting the party specific data.

This is especially beneficial to corporates and attorneys who are issuing multiple summonses based on the same cause of action and/or agreement/document (an example of this would be in the event that the plaintiff is relying upon the same credit application in relation to multiple debtors).

What are the benefits?

The benefits associated with using technology to assist with the generation of summonses and/or letters of demand are extensive and once the move over to the digitized environment takes place, users struggle to imagine reverting back to the manual method of days gone by.

The unmistakable benefit associated with using this kind of technology is that it results in a substantial time saving, which from a legal perspective results in a direct cost saving on behalf of the client. For those entities operating on a risk basis, this allows for the reduction in time spent attempting to recover outstanding debt, meaning more summonses are sent out in a shorter amount of time – this is bolstered by the fact that legal practitioners can rest easy knowing that the content of the summons is replicated on a case by case basis and is only subject to change in relation to the parties details, interest rates, capital amount, dates and annexures.

Not only does the technology have the ability to insert the text inputs from the user into the correct slots within the applicable document, but it also has the ability to swop out clauses or paragraphs depending on what the user selects. An example of this would be adding an additional paragraph to a particulars of claim in the event the user indicates that the agreement was a written agreement as opposed to oral one, thus inserting the appropriate paragraph and making provision for the attachment of said agreement.

What we offer?

We offer a simplified and streamlined approach to the legal process. Through, Litigator, our online legal portal, users have the ability to have a summons issued and delivered to the respective sheriff anywhere in the country for a fraction of the normal price (our prices start at R295 ex VAT).

Through Litigator you can issue, serve and file your Court documents electronically without ever having to leave the office. With our nationwide correspondent network, you never have to deal with unreliable correspondents, as we handle the entire process for you from the moment the document is uploaded.

When you couple our Litigator offering together with our summons generation tool, you can guarantee that your entire process will be simplified.

Contact us now for a demonstration!

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