Cohabitation Agreement
for a couple living together

A Cohabitation Agreement is a very important contract for couples living together.

Why is it important to have a co-habitation agreement

Just like a married couple requires an ANC, a couple living together must conclude a Cohabitation Agreement. Without a Cohabitation Agreement you are exposed to bitter legal disputes if things go wrong. The legal team at Contractzone, which is part of the Metrofile group of companies, is here to assist you in getting a detailed Cohabitation Agreement in place. It helps both parties to know where they stand.

You home is at the core of your arrangement. It is either leased by the parties, or owned, or perhaps you have decided now to buy a home.

If the parties split, in the midst of their pain and anger, they are prone to look back and reconcile how much they may have contributed and establish whether or not there is a claim against the other party. Where the parties are co-owners or even co-tenants, the prospect of only one party funding the property in the future also plays a role.

In under 20 minutes you will have your Cohabitation Agreement in word and pdf

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