New Age Entrepreneurs are Smart.

In the past, preparing a shareholders agreement followed one of two paths. Either you navigate to your dropbox folder and look for an old one and go about fiddling with the precedent hoping that it is still valid. Or, you call your attorney and book an appoint for some time next week, whereafter you consult with her and a couple of weeks later and at substantial cost, you have an agreement that you are happy with.

Technology is changing all of that. Now, you can go online, register and build your own shareholders agreement in under 30 minutes. It is that quick, and it is also a fraction of the normal cost. In the new world, when people want legal contracts, they want them right now.

You are 30 minutes from a comprehensive solution.

Not only is it fast, but you get the document in word and pdf format and ContractZone has professionals on standby to help you. The system guides you through the process, ensuring that you are provided with all of the right options and information. Either subscribe for a package of contracts, or purchase this product for a once off charge of R475.

The Shareholders Agreement on ContractZone incorporates a detailed Memorandum of Incorporation, making sure that your business is fully compliant. It is vital that the Memorandum of Incorporation and Shareholders Agreement are prepared together.

Join hundred of entrepreneurs in moving toward smart technology.

  • We had a minority shareholder leave one of our group investment companies and when we reviewed our contracts, we realized our shareholders agreement was outdated. We decided to move with the times and prepare the contract online. It was a revelation. We are rolling this out across our entire group, from employment contracts to trading terms and conditions.
    Greg Morley Jepson
    Managing Director, Malvern Engineering Works (Pty) Ltd
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    The ContractZone product is an essential tool for ensuring that we have uniformity and compliance across over 20 business units. As a qualified lawyer I still find it so much easier to draft contracts using the system. It helps to know that these contracts are constantly kept up to date.
    Stuart Harris
    CEO, Gerber Goldschmidt Group (SA) (Pty) Ltd
  • I was truly amazed at how easy this was, I had such a mental block towards legal fees, but now I can now generate contracts quickly and at a fraction of the cost.
    Nicola McGowan

    it! Marketing & Brand Strategists