Contractzone Pricing for Individual Contracts

Contractzone pricing is designed to make sure that legal contracts are both accessible and affordable. The contracts are easy to build on our system and also, you get the final product in word and pdf format for your convenience. We also offer subscriptions for clients that want to have unlimited access to all of our contracts.

Profit Incentive PolicyR375
Pledge of SharesR375
Sale of Business Agreement (including a Restraint of Trade)R475
Sale of Shares AgreementR475
Sale of Shares Agreement (including a Restraint of Trade)R475
Share Buy Back AgreementR475
Shareholder Agreement (including Memorandum of Incorporation)R475
Share Subscription AgreementR475
Pledge of SharesR375
Surety and Pledge of SharesR375
Acknowledgement of DebtR475
Acknowledgement of Debt (incorporating Suretyship)R475
Cession of Book DebtsR475
Credit Application Form and Terms and ConditionsR475
Credit Application Form and Terms and Conditions for Print IndustryR475
Credit Application Form and Terms and Conditions for Manufacturing IndustryR475
Credit Application Form and Terms and Conditions for Freight Forwarding and Clearing IndustryR475
Irrevocable Payment Guarantee (Company)R375
Irrevocable Payment Guarantee (Individual)R375
Suretyship by an IndividualR375
Suretyship granted by a CompanyR375
Company Car AddendumR335
General Employment ContractR475
Sales Representative including Restraint of TradeR475
Sales Representative without Restraint of TradeR475
Senior Executive Employment including Restraint of TradeR475
Senior Executive Employment without Restraint of TradeR475
Termination of Employment ContractsR475
Cession of a ContractR275
Consultancy AgreementR475
Commercial LeaseR475
Distributor AgreementR475
Manufacturing AgreementR475
Mutual Non Disclosure AgreementR475
Non Disclosure AgreementR475
Profit Incentive AgreementR475
Residential LeaseR475
Restraint of TradeR775
Retainer Agreement for ServicesR475
Sale of Assets AgreementR475
Sales Agent AgreementR475
Service Level AgreementR475
Supply AgreementR475
Vehicle (Truck) Rental AgreementR950
Wedding Photographer AgreementFree
Partnership AgreementR795
Unincorporated Joint Venture AgreementtR1045
Incorporated Joint Venture AgreementtR1450
ANC with AccrualR950
ANC without AccrualR950
Cohabitation Agreement for couple buying immovable propertyR475
Cohabitation Agreement where one party already owns immovable propertyR475
Cohabitation Agreement where the parties will lease a propertyR475
Commercial LeaseR475
General Notarial BondR475
Residential LeaseR475
Sale of Commercial PropertyR375
Sale of Residential PropertyR375
Board Resolution to Acquire PropertyR150
Exempted Micro Enterprise BEE AffidavitR475
General Board ResolutionR275
Qualifying Small Enterprise BEE AffidavitR475
Share CertificateR275
Shareholder Resolution to change the MOIR275
General Privacy PolicyR375
Privacy Policy for a Web Based ServiceR375
Privacy Policy for a Website selling ProductsR375
Software Design & Development AgreementR475
Digital Marketing AgreementR475
BEE Staff TrustR1475
Family TrustR1475
Last Will leaving all assets to childrenR285
Last Will leaving all assets to surviving spouseR285
Last Will leaving assets to spouse then childrenR285
Will for an unmarried parentR285

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