Lockdown Rules for Sole Proprietors [UPDATED]

Sole Proprietors do not need a CIPC Permit, but they do need Staff Permits.

How do online legal contracts compare to contracts prepared by a lawyer?

We have been asked this question on a number of occasions and we think that it is important to provide a detailed response.

The Future of Consulting

According to Bill Gates the Coronavirus Will Change Life Forever. This is definitely true for Professionals. There is not doubt that the future of consulting has […]

What do I say to my Landlord?

Now more than ever business owners are realising that their suppliers, customers and staff are all effectively partners in their business. With premises standing vacant around […]

5 Signs your Business needs Legal Contracts

What to do when a client doesn’t pay up

Case Study: Malvern Engineering

What is the importance of a Computer Systems Policy for Employees?

People are obsessed with computers, phones and social media. When an employee goes rogue, invariably there is a wealth of important information sitting on their computers. […]

Shareholder Trust

Is a Shareholder Agreement about Shareholder Trust? More often than not business relationships are founded on absolute trust between the owners of the business. So much […]